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12V supply in 2420 HC


According to some datasheets, maximum current for BC846B is 100mA. Is it sufficient?
What is current consumption of mosfet driver at 12V when duty cycle is on highest possible level (for upper mosfet)?

Thanks for the information

I have never actually measured it, but I’ve been using more or less the same circuit in multiple different charge controllers without any issues so far.

According to my estimated calculations the average MOSFET driver supply current should be less than 20 mA. The duty cycle doesn’t influence the driver current, I think. It should be mainly depending on the switching frequency.

But it would be interesting to actually measure the supply current of the driver. Will try to do that if I find some time in the next days.

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Thanks for reply.
It’s just for my curiosity… but don’t bother yourself…
IMO 10mA more or less make no difference.

Just wondering if 12V supply will be able to provide sufficient power for different driver.

So the only way is to check it :wink:

The general circuit for 12V supply should also be suitable for that driver. To be on the safe side maybe just take a transistor with slightly larger package so that it allows for more heat dissipation.