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2420HC BOM Request

Can someone post the BOM for the 2024-HC as a csv file with part numbers?
I am not familiar with Kicad and when I generate Bom I do not get a very complete file.
Thank you.

What are you missing in this BOM?

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Hi Martin,
Thank you, I did not see that BOM. That’s all I was looking for.

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Is there a way to get more information about the material being used or do I have to find out by my self with analysing the circuit?
In BOM there is e.g. INA186 - looking in the datasheet finding out that there are type A1-A5 witch differ in gain.
Capacitors don’t have a voltage specification - so I would have to look where it’s used and think about the voltage by myself.

Is there a BOM with ordering numbers from one supplier in europe?

Thanks for your help and your GREAT project.


Hi Stefan,

please scroll to the right in the BOM behind above link and look at the column PartNumber. It specifies the exact manufacturer part number (e.g. INA186A1IDCKR) or nothing if it’s a very generic part like a resistor.


Thank you Martin,
i was first looking at the html-bom and didn’t scroll in csv