Balancing Status and balancing for bms 24v/48v

Good day hope all is well. I have been testing the balancing side of the bms with all main controls function now . I have left the stock parameters but still after a few charge discharge cycles its seems the bms is not closing the gap between the cells i set on purpose to monitor the efficiency of the balancing ?

BMS.setBalancingThresholds(10, 3200, 10);  // minIdleTime_min, minCellV_mV, maxVoltageDiff_mV

This is the current settings though on the OLED screen i dont see any regular updates or changes ? Please confirm what should take place to confirm that my hardware is setup correctly .

Cells with active balancing MOSFETs are displayed by blinking cell voltage on the OLED.
Are your cell voltages above 3200mV and the current below 100mA?

i thank you for this . I did not understand the threshold value but with the correct parameters and adjustment i have a working system . even on the 18 pin and not 20 pin altered 5 and 10 connection cell setup … i guess 20mv imbalance isnt too bad .