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BMS 8S50 IC & MPPT 2420 HC & Data Manager ready for test?

Hello! I want to build, try and test MPPT 2420 HC & Data Manager in the current version is it already possible or wait for the update?

Hi Maxim,

Yes, the devices are all working well. Any problems identified so far can be found in the issues on GitHub.

Instead of the Data Manager I have recently mostly used a simple adapter to plug an ESP32 directly into the UEXT connector. But the Data Manager PCB should also be fine.

I guess your problem will be to get the required parts. Not only the STM32 MCUs are currently out of stock everywhere, also power supplies from TI as used in several boards are not available anymore.

I’m soon going to start a new BMS development for up to 16s cells (based on bq76952), suitable for 48V systems. But it will still take a while until it’s ready to test.

STM32G431CBT6 & STM32F072CBU6 available on Aliexpress from a couple of sellers. Thanks for the reply. I will check the availability of other components.

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Ah, nice, thanks for that hint. The prices are several times higher than normal, but for prototypes it should be acceptable :slight_smile:

TPS560430X analog SY8120B1

TCAN334 analog MCP2551

I will have a closer look at the SY8120B1. How did you find this one? Just by looking at all power supplies with similar package?

Regarding the MCP2551: It’s not an equivalent replacement for TCAN334, as the TCAN334 runs with 3.3V in constrast to the usual 5V, so that I don’t need a 5V power rail.

Yes. I searched by SOT-23 and by characteristics.

Oh. I missed it. And I’ve already ordered the PCB. I also looked at the TJA1050, I will be at the computer, I will look more closely.

Hi Martin!
I got a BMS PCB and am trying to cut a stencil. When I output the F.Paste layer, I get it as in the picture. Is this a mistake?

Oops, somehow missed your message. You’ve probably not set the paste clearance to 0 mm before exporting the paste layer for the stencil, so some pins got lost because they were too thin.