C1 BMS : Hardware Test

Hey Guys,

I went through the Schematic for the C1 BMS and there are three MOSFET options suggested for the high side switching

MOSFET alternatives (100V):

  • Infineon IPT020N10N3: 2 mOhm typ
  • Diodes DMTH10H1M7STLWQ: 1.4 mOhm typ
  • HUAYI HYG015N10NS1TA: 1.2 mOhm typ

The Gate-Source resistor used in the design is 47 Ohms

Was this value tested for all 3 FETs (or) do i have to test on my own to decide a good value for the Gate-Source resistor ?

P.S : I’m trying to build a test board with the HUAYI HYG015N10NS1TA

I’m new to electronics and new to the forum. The C1 BMS has been very helpful in learning the inner workings of a BMS. The interactive HTML BOM is my absolute favourite

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Muki,

Happy to hear that you are rebuilding the BMS. And I agree that the interactive BOM is really useful for assembly :slight_smile:

The gate driver should work with all mentioned MOSFETs. I have tested it with the Infineon one and the HUAYI and they both work fine.

Good luck with the board assembly and let me know if you have any further questions.


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