Can I use SN65HVD230DR to replace TCAN334 in MPPT2440HC?

I have some availability issue in my area for TCAN334. So I am thinking use SN65HVD230DR to replace it. The only different I see is bitrate. TCAN334 is a 5Mbps chip and 230DR is 1Mbps. The board config file of MPPT 2440HC is 500k bit/s. So I guess it should work? Is there any particular reason to use TCAN334 in MPPT 2440 HC?


The SN65HVD230DR is not suitable for the high data rates typically used for CAN FD. If you don’t need that, it should be fine. However, the pinout is also slightly different. You should double-check if there are any conflicts.

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Thank you for your reply. Is the firmware using can-fd function? I saw in the zephyr board config file shows only 500khz, so 1Mhz chip should work?

No, it’s currently not using FD, but it’s planned for the future (once I get back to the charge controller development).

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The primary reason for using TCAN334 in MPPT 2440 HC could be its higher bitrate capability of 5Mbps, which may offer better performance in certain applications requiring higher data transfer rates. However, if the board config file specifies a bitrate of 500k bit/s and SN65HVD230DR meets your requirements otherwise, it should work fine as a replacement.

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Thank for your clarification. :wink:

Awesome thanks man :+1: