Can MPPT-2420-LC design in low voltage?

Hi Martin,
if the battery is 1 cell LiFePO4 Li-ion batteries(3.2V) or 2 cells (6.4V),how to change the controller to use in this condition? if the hardware must be change?
thank you!

I actually never tested it with such low voltage. As this board gets its internal power supply (including 10V MOSFET driver supply voltage) from the solar input side, it might actually work without hardware changes as long as the solar voltage is >10V.

On the firmware side you need to set the cell type and number of cells here. But I’m currently not sure if there is a check if the driver voltage is high enough. If it is not, the hardware might get destroyed. So you have to double-check that.

thank you for your reply.
i will check the driver voltage.
after all,the mppt algorithm is the most important.