Canbus for 24v/48v bms Can STB to which pin

Good day , i have been struggling to redesign my board . I would like to run Can stb to the correct location? In the github the error was reported by Martin as can stb naming mismatch ? Please confirm where this pin was meant to run to ?
Is running it to gnd a temporary measure? Does it have any negative side effects to the function . The reason i ask is because on the Mppt software i see that can stb runs to the Mcu on Pa15 .
What would be the reason for this ?

Ideally the CAN STB pin is connected to a microcontroller GPIO pin so that CAN bus can be enabled/disabled by the microcontroller.

thankyou for the response. In this case it would be a power saving feature to enable when transmitting and disabled when no messages are ready to send ? Very handy feature .

Exactly. Or you can completely disable it when you don’t need the CAN communication feature.