Canbus hat pictures of setup and some guidance

Good day . Im about to embark on the open energy monitor setup using the raspberry pi hat . However i would like to seek some guidance . I know that the open energy monitor is a requirement for the setup . But i notice that the hat does not have the same number of pins as the raspberry pi 3 and 2 Gpio interface ? Please can you assist with correct orientation and guidance on open energy monitor setup through can and how the messages are captured on the Pi zero or Pi2 or 3 and how they are displayed on the html front end ?

The CAN bus hat uses the short version (26-pin) of the Raspberry Pi headers, which is compatible to the 40-pin headers.

Here is a basic (preliminary) python script that can run on the Raspberry Pi:

However, the CAN communication is still work in progress. So you’ll need to do some stuff yourself.

Basic workflow: Read CAN data using above python scripts, generate URL according to emoncms API (with JSON data of data to be published) and call that URL to transfer the data to open energy monitor.