Code building process


I am new to Visual code studio.
If anyone can guide me, how to build BMS code for ESP32 device.
Thanks for help in advance.

Did you see this? Building and Flashing β€” Battery Management System documentation

You will need to set up the Zephyr workspace first, though. It’s also described in above documentation.


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Thanks Martin. I will go through & setup as per instructions.

Hello Martin, Is [bms-c1] board will available for purchase, so that I can try my hands quickly on to it.

Unfortunately not, at the moment. We are planning to order another small batch, though.

This is on the software page:
Devices based on ESP32 are currently programmed using the ESP-IDF, as full Zephyr support for ESP32 is still work in progress

A switch to Zephyr is a very likely option for the future.
Is Zephyr being used in the current repository? Perhaps this statement should be modified?
in [Building and Flashing β€” Battery Management System documentation] it appears it appears that Zephyr is the only option.

Yes, you are correct. Thanks for the note.

I have removed the outdated information from the website. We are using only Zephyr at the moment.