Donations, what are they going to be used for

Hi Martin,
It was great to meet you at CCC, so I have been looking at your website.
On your about page you have a donate button.
I would like to donate, but it would help for you to explain what the donations are needed for at the moment - eg, site hosting, components, fabrication, marketing, or something specific, and rough amounts required to achieve what you want to do in the short term.

Thank you!

Hi Chewie,

yeah, it was great to meet and chat at 36c3 :slight_smile:

So far I’m paying for the website, most of the prototypes as well as test equipment from my personal bank account. Donations would be used to cover part of that.

You are right that it would make sense to mention the actual cost more clearly. We are anyway planning to set up a more detailed strategy for the project within the next days in order to make it more easy to see where support is needed and how others can collaborate. As I probably told, we are also soon going to start selling some PCBs to generate some income for the project.


Ok, thank you.
I have set up Liberapay for a month - I understand the reason for preferring a subscription-style, but I prefer one-off donations, so it will stop it again when the money runs out :slight_smile:
I look forward to the PCBs being on sale!
Chat soon!

Wow, thanks a lot for your support! It gives an additional motivation boost to see that other people value the work that went into the project.

Have a nice evening :slight_smile: