External Fuse for BMS-C1

Dear Martin,
The schematic for BMS-C1 (in KiCad) recommends using either ITV9550L5045 or Schott D6SE14-45 fuse as following:

Trigger for fuse(s) on external PCB close to positive terminal, e.g.

* Littelfuse ITV9550L5045
* Schott D6SE14-45

But, as I checked datasheets for both of these components, found their rated current is 45 Amps.

Thus, Since BMS-C1 board is designed for currents up to 100 Amps, what’s your recommended fuse for these high currents instead?


You would have to use multiple of them in parallel, depending on your desired current.

Another option might be the Dexerials SFM-120 if you find a sourcing option for it.

Thank you for your response.