Flashed firmware to 20amp mppt but not charging

I was able to compile the libresolar 0_10 firmware and uploaded it to my board.
LED1 is no on solid but I do not get a charge on my battery. Were there additional settings that I needed to change?

That’s great. If it blinks, it should be charging. You can connect to the serial port and see the data in JSON format if pub_uart_enabled = true is set in thingset_serial.cpp. Do you see any current flow? If not, I need some more information to be able to give suggestions what might be wrong.

Thanks for the reply Martin, I had a typo in my last post, the light is on solid, with no current flow.
I did not change anything in platform.io other than the recommended changes in the platform.ini file.
I have the mppt charger wired to a 110 amp hour 12 volt battery. on the imput I have my bench power supply at 24 volts. No current is drawn from supply.

Normally, it should work out of the box without any changes in the firmware. I suggest to check first if the voltage + current measurements are correct (either via serial interface as described above or with an OLED display).

Did you hand-solder the PCB or was it done by a machine? With hand-soldering, a hardware error could also be the reason (e.g. wrong voltage divider resistor, etc).

I was able to reflash and get the charger to start working! but after a few seconds the Q1 mosfet shorted! I will resolder this tomorrow morning and try to investigate why it shorted.