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How to run a mppt-1210 out of the box

I am trying to run a MPP-1210 out of the box …

I plugged a 12V Lead-acid battery and a solar Panel simulator (38-Cell, about 24.7Voc)
to the Srew-terminals. No response.

One Led is lit, but don’t know what that means, the hw-doc does not explain that.
The device is operating, because i can see a short Led-Test on power-on-reset
and message on LS-one serial port, which sends:

  • Libre Solar Charge Controller: mppt_1210_hus*
  • EEPROM: Empty or data layout version changed*
  • Detected single battery (14.40 V max)*

Is there a way to start this device charging, switch the Load Output and get some SOC?
What serial commands are required?
Is there a python script to run it interactively?

Thank you in advance?

Hi Bodo,

the serial interface uses the ThingSet protocol as described here:

To request measurements you can e.g. send ?output (+ newline) to the charge controller. The output includes the SOC estimation aswell.

Switching the load off works like this: =input {"LoadEn":false}. It should be on by default, unless the battery is at low state of charge.

It should also start charging automatically and the top-most LED of the three LEDs should start blinking. If you see only a single LED, this means that your battery voltage must be very low and the load is switched off.

In general I recommend to flash the most recent firmware from main branch. Looking at your output it seems to be an old version.