L1 Feyrester Toroid

I haven’t found it with any of the typical distributors and none of their official distributors seems to have the specific HX version. TME has only the -V version in stock. As far as I can see, the only difference is the orientation and consequently the spacing of the leads that come off the toroid. But it seems I should be able to convert the V into an HX.

Do you have another source for L1? Or any reason using a -V version wouldn’t work ?

You can use the vertical toroid version which is sold by TME. I also used that inductivity. If you want to use the plastic case around the charger, you maybe need to tilt the inductivity to fit inside the case.

I ordered the inductors directly at Feryster. If you are living in Germany, I can send one over to you. Let me know your address via email or private message.

Unfortunately, the largest high-power inductors typical distributors have on stock are these Bourns toroidal inductors. But they are not sufficient for the charge controllers, at least not for the 20A version. So we either need to make them ourselves or use the ones only available at Feryster directly.

The solution of @xsider is a good idea.