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MPPT 1210 Hus BOM with part numbers

Good day,

I am currently working on a project similar to the MPPT 1210 hus.

I made few changes on the schematic, however with the interactive BOM provided for the 1210 hus l, I cannot buy components that are already on the schematic as there are no part number provided.

Anyone with the actual BOM with part numbers for this project?

Kind regards,

Sounds interesting. Which changes did you make to the schematic? Did you find any issues in the current design? And do you have a link to your project?

Regarding the BOM: The actual BOM can be extracted from the schematic. Let me know if you have issues with that so I can send you a CSV file.

Hi Martin,

Yes I will definitely share with you what I am currently busy with once I get it to work.

I will really be grateful if you can send me the csv file.

Kind regards,

Thinking about building one while you’re not shipping outside of Europe, would love the CSV as well.

Oops, forgot to mention that I uploaded the CSV BOM in the meantime, see here.

@JustinM where are you located? It seems like worldwide shipping costs are going down again, so it could be possible to send over a charge controller. If you’re interested, just PM me.

Thanks for the CSV BOM, most appreciated. I’m in Sydney Australia.

Hi, another question from a noob regarding the BOM. I can see the part LMR33630, but there are 3 different variations A/B/C, which seems to have different frequencies (from 400khz to 2100khz). Which one should we choose?

And just for my personnal understanding, what the matter with frequency for a DC/DC converter?

Thanks :slight_smile:

TI Datasheet

The exact version is specified in the PartNumber column of the BOM. Higher frequency means smaller inductor, but potentially more losses and more EMI. That’s why I chose the lower frequency part.