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Noob question about and MPPT 1210 HUS

I am finally going to play with my MPPT 1210 HUS :slight_smile:
What kind of cable do I need to use to connect to the port from a computer? I can’t find any obvious instructions for this.


Ooops, for some reason I didn’t get a notification and I’m seeing your question only now.

The cable is the same as old telephone cables with RJ12/RJ25 connectors. So you could either recycle one or get a new one off ebay. But I realize that they are getting less and less common. The makeblock project used the same connectors, so I was using their adapter cables to standard dupont jumper wires. But can’t find them stocked anywhere anymore…

It is also possible to use the serial interface in the UEXT connector instead. It requires to add


to the prj.conf, though.