Oled screen adaption ssh1106

Good day Members, I hope you are well. I have a task to try and get the sh1106 oled 1.3" screen working, however i see that the platform that the BMS is built on is based on mbed . (learning) However i cannot find a library to use fort this type of screen . Technically the drive chip is the same based on sh1106/ssd1306 but when i plug in the screen the first line is flashing and visible for split second . Then off again . The rest of the screen is showing snow . Not sure as i have looked for a mbed library for this specific type of screen, with it being bigger and slightly more expensive it is however easier to read . Any advice you can offer me will greatly assist .Where can i find the library and confirm it must be mbed converted or written code ?

The used library is based on the Adafruit_GFX library, which should also support your display. The library was ported to mbed. Maybe this one includes more recent updates of the original library and supports your display.

Good day Martin,
Thank you for the link seems that it has not yet been converted, it was uploaded to the mbed platform with the intention of conversion to mbed for use . I will try a few variables and see which one i win with and post results on here .

Fork of the latest Adafruit GFX Library as of 2017-12-13 to make it compatible with Mbed