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OSPController - DKP6012 Buck Converter and ESP32

The OSPController is an interesting project producing a low-cost feature-packed MPPT by interfacing a commercial 400W Drok DKP6012 buck converter module and an ESP32. It looks like it will easily run a current house panel.

Yeah, I’ve seen that project. Quite interesting. However, the core part of it (the power converter) is not open source. And for a 12V battery the power is far less than 400W, as the maximum low-side current is 8A. Anyway a cool idea to hack an existing converter and make it smart with an ESP32 :slight_smile:

Technical Parameters

  • Input voltage range: 10V to 75V
  • Output voltage adjustment range: 0-60V
  • Output current adjustment range: 0~12A
  • Output power:0-720W

Yeah, pushing the cheap modules was what appealed to me. With derating it is probably still better than a PWM controller.