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Hi, really glad I’ve found this project. I was wondering if devs working on LibreSolar have heard of other open projects working on the same ideas and if some “cross-pollination” was possible, to not reinvent the wheel or cause redundant development and keep best practices in a single place…

Some projects that come to mind:

  • makerPower™ MPPT Solar Charger:
    https:// github .com/danjulio/MPPT-Solar-Charger

  • diyBMS:
    https:// github .com/stuartpittaway/diyBMSv4ESP32

  • OpenInverter:
    https:// openinverter. org/
    https:// github .com/jsphuebner/stm32-sine
    https:// github .com/jsphuebner/inverter-hardware

  • OpenMicroInverter:
    https:// github .com/MartinStokroos/openMicroInverter

  • BatteryMonitor:
    https:// github .com/simat/BatteryMonitor

I see some efforts to use LoRaWAN in the LibreSolar github (probably for panel diagnostics?), which is a really interesting idea. There was this interesting project to reverse engineer the PHY of LoRa a while ago (particularly on RN2483 and SX1276):
https:// github .com/martynvdijke/gr-lora_sdr

Some LoRa hardware also run the DASH7 protocol, which is open (unfortunatelly development seems to have stopped):
https:// en.wikipedia .org/wiki/DASH7

Maybe folks related to the HackRF One and GNURadio development could help giving network insights of how LibreSolar could interconnect in a more efficient way, maybe even through a meshnet like BATMAN:
https:// greatscottgadgets .com/hackrf/one/
https:// .org/

There’s also the point of how environmentally friendly and cost effective it would be to put complex integrated circuit on every board. I don’t know if LibreSolar devs already had a discussion about that, but I think it would be important to discuss different engineering solutions that could do diagnostics of each panel (like a power optimizer / smart module), but reducing the amount of microcontrollers/pcbs needed.

Those are just some ideas that came to mind when I found LibreSolar. Thanks for your effort in making this project open to everyone. Cheers.

ps: had to break URLs because of 2 link restriction, sorry about that