Reparation MPPT 1210 HUS v0.4 10/2018


The cables were clumsily mixed up when connecting the solar modul and something was damaged.

Couldn’t locate the damage myself. So I was hoping that I could find an answer here as to what usually burns out when the polarity of the battery connection is ignored.

The fuse didn’t blow either

I measure on:
TP1 battery voltage
TP2 0.032V
TP3 0.03V
TP4 1.6V
TP5 0.006V
TP6 1.533V
TP7 0.00v
TP8 0.00V
TP9 1.05V
Thanks in advance


Normally the fuse should blow in case of a reverse polarity battery connection. The charge controller should not get damaged, you only need to exchange the fuse.

Your cable in the picture is connected to the PV port and not the battery. Maybe that was the problem? The marking of the terminals should be on the back of the PCB.