Software for the AVR based Solarduino?

I wonder if I can get the software for the AVR based Solarduino somewhere?

The hardware files are on Github:

but I can’t find the AVR software. I know that this is an old design, but I’m trying to build an MPPT without SMD components so I can’t use the STM32 version.

Hi Thomas, you are right, seems like I didn’t upload the firmware back then. But I will have a look on my hard disk and let you know what I can find…

Well, I checked and remembered that I never actually built up this version of the charge controller, as I was afraid of the quite complex firmware with two MCUs.

But I found an Arduino based firmware for the version with Li-ion BMS included. You can use that one as a basis.

Uploaded it to the hardware repository, see here:

Great, thanks a lot.