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Source for STM32G431CBT6

Hi Guys,
Does anyone have a source for the STM32G431CBT6 that is used on the 2024HC charge controller?
When I have looked it seems to be out of stock everywhere.

There is a global shortage of semiconductors in general at the moment. And ST apparently has some difficulties to match demand aswell.

You can replace the MCU with a more powerful STM32G474, but they don’t seem to be stocked either… :frowning:

Hi Martin,
What do you think about this option? STM32L431CCU6TR

I plan on removing the CAN interface and adding an rs232 transceiver. Do you think I could run the code on the STM32G431C6T6?

The U6 variant has a different package. But if you are redesigning the PCB anyway, there should be no issue. Also RS232 is not a problem for the microcontroller. It’s very powerful.

Ah, just now seeing that you were thinking about the L4 series and not G4 series. Well, should work aswell. But might require more changes in the code…

I just bought some from aliexpress - i hope they are good quality and not a bad copy :slight_smile: