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STL files for Housing (MPPT 1210 HUS)


can you provide the STL-files to print the housing?

I just found this repo with FCStd files, but I don’t know how to export the requeired STL-files:

I played around a little bit with FreeCAD and followed some online tutorials, but it did not work out for me. Providing just the STL-files would probably be the user friendly way.

Thank you very much for your help and providing all the sources/documentation/files for the projects!

Best regards,

Hi Julian,

Exporting in FreeCAD should be really straightforward. Select the body you want to export in the model tree and select File > Export. You can select lots of different file types, including STL.

Can you try again?


Hi Martin,

thank you, it worked now for me, I was just confused from the many bodies in the rounded-corner model.

I would like to attach the STL files to this post, but I see no option to do so.

Best regards,