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Using multiple mppt-2420-hc for a single battery bank


I’m looking into building a few of these for a mobile kitchen which has 3 solar panels with a total of 630 watts. I have 1 battery bank of 4 large deep cycle batteries and was thinking on using 3 mppt-2420-hc (1 for each panel).

My question is: can I connect multiple controllers to the same bank? any modifications I will need to do to achieve this?

Thanks - Javier

Hi Javier,

in general that’s possible, but currently the controllers don’t synchronize their charging algorithm yet. This is planned for the CAN communication protocol, but it’s not implemented yet.

We’ll be working on that topic together with OwnTech folks during a 2-week project end of July, so we might have that feature ready in a few months.


I use a bundle of three PWM 2420 LUS and one MPPT 2420 LC charging two battery banks. The two banks are connected with a bypassdiode (8 cell LiPo -|<|- 7 cell LiPo). This works ok, but maybe be prepared for voltage spikes if battery management disconnects battery bank from power bus.

The charge regulation works mainly on battery voltage, so parallel connection of charges should be possible.