Where to buy the battery connectors

Hi everybody,

Where can I buy the battery connectors for the BMC C1 board and what is the exact number of it? The in the BOM given number (LF990005) seems to be only a part of it…



That’s actually the correct part number. However, Würth does not yet have them listed at usual Distributors. I was told that this would soon be the case, but so far it didn’t happen. I ordered them directly at Würth.


If you have any idea for a more easily available high-current connector (>100A) that can be reflow-soldered, please let me know.


I want to change some details on the board for me so I will search for some alternative connectors. Is a double 50A connector with a splitted cable an idea?
For my personal use I will go on some through hole components and an aluminium plate between pcb and heatsink. In this plate I can cut some holes for the “normal” components.