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Status of the MPPT 20A Charger
Yes, the hardware is quite complete and working properly. However, the PCB layout is not ideal … Hope to be able to make an update of the 20A version during the summer. For now, you can use the existing version [24 May 2019].

Plans for future?
I am currently starting a small production run of 50 pcs for further testing [ 7 Feb 2018].

Development Timeline And Commercial Availailability
I am planning to perform some EMC tests and finalize the design this summer, probably within a Kickstarter campaign. Currently, you can only order the PCBs and parts yourself and solder them in your local hackerspace [19 Mar 2018].

PCB ordering - This step-by-step guide will show how…

  1. What are the estimated build costs of these devices and the assumed equipment to build them?
  2. Is there a shop or community member that sells these devices?

I did order a small batch of the 20A charge controller in 2018, but there is no PCB left anymore. We identified some issues that need to be resolved, so I won’t order a new batch of the same hardware.

As I had to focus on some other work, I could not yet start with the new revision, unfortunately.

A shop is being worked on at the moment, but as far as I know there is none yet. Some community members are selling their spare PCBs, as you can see in another thread.