Status of the MPPT 20A Charger

What is the current status? The hardware looks rather complete (haven’t had a chance to look through all the software but it doesn’t appear to be that far from finished).

I know that apparently there has been a prototype built, has it been verified?

I’m designing an experiment in which I need to track solar output, and the commercial modules I’ve found aren’t the greatest for data logging and pulling data off of them (as well as a few other requirements that would need a work-around).

Yes, the hardware is quite complete and working properly. However, the PCB layout is not ideal regarding EMC, as some measurements have shown. In addition to that, there is some noise on the ADC as described in one of the issue. This could be resolved by better filtering of the ADC supply voltage.

I didn’t have enough time to include these improvements, as I was focusing on the 10A design and the firmware incl. communication protocol for monitoring and configuration. Hope to be able to make an update of the 20A version during the summer. For now, you can use the existing version.